ISSN: 2149-1755

Aim and Scope


Since art and design are interdisciplinary fields, they have always been in close relationship with each other. It is neither right nor possible to understand the other without considering one. Undesigned art will not exist in today's world and the artless design will not satisfy the expectations of the end user.

The Journal of Art and Design (YJAD), published by the Art and Design Application and Research Center (SATPARK), an affiliate of Yıldız Technical University, and published twice a year, is an online and electronic platform based on the above understanding of the relationship between these two academic fields. With this understanding, YJAD publishes academic and original articles about these two important concepts.

Within this framework, YJAD is an international refereed journal. YJAD's aim is to become a platform that publishes quality publications for academia members and scientists engaged in research in the field of art and design. In addition, YJAD aims to create a database to support developments in the field of art and design. For this reason, YJAD endeavors to publish research and articles with a scientifically sound basis.


Fields of particular interest include

  • plastic arts
  • performance arts
  • traditional arts
  • music
  • graphic design
  • cinema
  • architectural
  • photo and
  • art management